Part of the Program

Part of the program here with the Dakar Institute of African Studies (DIAS) is taking a Wolof class and participating in an internship program. Each of us has a different internship experience, which will be discussed in later blog posts.
Wolof is the largest spoken African language in Dakar. Our class is taught mostly in French, with some English classifications, so we're getting plenty of practice in both languages. A typical set of introductions may look like the following:
Salaam alekum.        Peace be with you.
Malekum salaam.    And with you.
Na nga def?              How are you?
Ma ngi fi.                   I'm fine, or literally, I am here.
We are getting plenty of practice outside of the classroom in both French and Wolof as we meet knew people, greet our Senegalese friends, and talk to our host families.


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