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What is the Global Leadership Pathway?

H ello all! We are currently one month away from our scheduled departure to Dakar, Senegal. Final details are being hashed out and the packing process begins. But what is the Pavlis Institute? The the Global Leadership Pathway within the Pavlis Honors College, "inspires and prepares Michigan Technological University students to become leaders who challenge themselves, work effectively on diverse teams, and achieve their goals through life-changing courses, projects, mentorships, and international experiences." After taking various classes and seminars to address some areas of effective leadership and cultural awareness, teams are sent to work on and develop projects using the principles of human centered design. Currently, the program has sites established in India, Ghana, and Tanzania, with additional sites in Senegal and Brazil being explored this year. Our team is piloting the site in Dakar, Senegal this year. This blog is where we will post our progress, our ideas,